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Description: Special support rapid weight loss & beautify skin with effective technology unique dual mechanism. Reduce the absorption of fat from food into the body, limiting the metabolism of starch, sugars into fat effectively, control appetite. Increase metabolism, burn fat, converted into useful energy helps the body to absorb, reduce the accumulation of fat, cholesterol, the liver, the heart, arteries, controlling sugar levels stabilize , high blood pressure and other organs in the body. Reduce body fat, especially abdominal fat, fat ass, fat thighs, increased glycogen synthesis, potent antioxidant, prevent skin aging, in the process of losing weight for your skin a beautiful slender body shape.


- How to use: 2 caps/days, one in day and one in night, before eating 30 minutes. And advise for all people who wishing to lose weight, used for high blood pressure & diabetes using continuous 2-3 box once