KN Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Support tablet 120s

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Promote women's good health preparing for pregnancy, being pregnant and during breastfeeding by providing lots of important nutrients for daily care.



Amount Per Serving

Vitamin A: 1050ug

Beta-carotene: 900ug

Vitamin C: 100mg

Vitamin D: 10ug

Vitamin E: 11mg

Vitamin B1: 1.5mg

Vitamin B2: 1.7mg

Niacin: 18mg

Vitamin B6: 2.6mg

Folic acid: 800ug

Vitamin B12: 4ug

Pantothenic acid: 8.33mmg

Calcium: 250mg

Iron: 27mg


Selenium: 20ug



Adults and Children over 12 years old: 1 tablet a day or as directed by your healthcare professionals. Children under 12 years old only directed by your healthcare professionals.